Susan Ryan AO Age Diversity in the Workplace Award

Pockets of Brilliance

Pockets of Brilliance

Within 10 to 15 years, a third of the workforce will be retiring. This loss means expert knowledge is departing the workforce rapidly. Expert knowledge is largely tacit and difficult to access. We needed to engage retirees and develop a knowledge-transfer process to tackle the loss of knowledge and develop the next generation.

Pockets of Brilliance implemented a flexible ‘Reverse-Intern’ initiative. By engaging retirees, they developed a knowledge-transfer process to assist experts and learners elicit components of highly skilled behaviour that could then be applied on the job by learners. Applying a modified Cognitive Edge ASHEN framework, they helped learners guide experts in sharing expertise.

An effective flexible working environment was created with a multi-generational team ranging from 25 to 82 years. Invaluable knowledge and skills of the reverse-interns were effectively transferred to the next generation. This resulted in accelerated business development, and the process has been taken up by partner clients who are experiencing similar challenges.

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