Marshall Goldsmith Talent Development Award

PACCAR Australia

PACCAR Australia

In 2010 it was projected that by 2020 each year approximately 4 per cent of PACCAR's professional workforce would be retiring. New skills in robotics, software, design engineering and logistics would also be needed. Unless PACCAR developed their talent capability they could not develop in time the next generation of trucks needed.

Between 2015 and 2020 the company will have invested more in product development than the prior 40 years. Their talent development and succession plan program identified the talent gap between current capabilities against future requirements. A program involving training, skills development, rotation projects, promotion and coaching was established.

PACCAR has developed a job capability matrix for each key role for now and the future. Skills developed in software engineering, mechatronics, leadership, design, logistics, sales and manufacturing have enabled the T610 to be launched to industry acclaim. This capability provides the innovation and agility required to future proof the organisation.

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