Wayne Cascio Organisational Change and Development Award

Medibank Private

Medibank Private

Following three years of significant organisational transition (including privatisation, structural change and new leadership), Medibank Private has been on a journey to become more customer-centric. In mid-2016 they established a customer transformation movement, C1 (Customers are number 1), to reorient towards their customers and create a truly customer-centric culture.

The C1 transformation has three key streams: developing market-leading products and services, improving customer experience and driving a customer-obsessed fulture. Medibank's overall goal was to become a truly customer-centric organisation, leading the market in customer experience and employee engagement.

Culture change is a journey, not a sprint, but a real shift is happening at Medibank. Initiatives delivered across six levers of the C1 culture stream have significantly shifted the enterprise focus onto their customers and how every employee can improve their experiences, measured through employee engagement and customer NPS.

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