Peter Williams HR Technology Award

IBM Australia Ltd

IBM Australia Ltd

IBM’s performance management system was implemented in the late 1990s. While its emphasis on individual business contribution enabled key talent and compensation decisions to be made, the system needed simplification and modernisation in order to maximise employee engagement in the performance management process, team collaboration, skill development and proactive feedback.

By applying Design Thinking methodologies and co-creation, IBM engaged with its global workforce of 380,000 employees to re-imagine performance management, and build a tool to inspire both managers and employees. IBM implemented radical collaboration and dialogue like never before when designing the new system “Checkpoint”, based on SAP SuccessFactors.

Through continual feedback – the heart of Checkpoint – managers help employees boost their performance by aligning goals and expectations throughout the year, enabling them to be more effective in course correcting and coaching. Within 12 months, employees reported double digit growth in the quantity and quality of feedback.

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