Stan Grant Indigenous Employment Award

Central Australian Aboriginal Congress

Central Australian Aboriginal Congress

A provider of primary health care and advocate on action on social determinants of health for over 44 years, Central Australian Aboriginal Congress recognised there was more work to do to address social inequities by leveraging their ability to provide unique employment and development opportunities to Aboriginal people that lead to quality client service.

The Workforce Engagement and Development Plan committed Congress to increase number of Aboriginal staff at across all parts of Congress, develop all staff and managers professionally with focus on Aboriginal staff, find out why people join, stay and leave Congress, and match recruitment, development and retention action.

Since 2014 significant progress against goals includes:

  • Aboriginal workforce has increased by 5.2 to 51 per cent of total workforce
  • There are ten more Aboriginal people holding leadership roles, an increase from 17.8 to 28.3 per cent
  • 24 Aboriginal people are employed in professional roles or training to be professionals, an increase from ten.

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