Fons Trompenaars Cross Cultural Management Award

Allianz Australia Services Pty Limited (SEP)

Allianz Australia Services Pty Limited (SEP)

Allianz is committed to building a diverse workforce: when the government asked for help with the refugee crisis, Allianz responded with employment opportunities. Allianz is proud to support those dislocated from their homeland achieve their potential – it signals their belief in the value of cultural diversity for businesses and society.

The Sustainable Employment Program offers permanent employment to refugees and asylum seekers. Through Allianz’s partnership with Settlement Services International, the program selects talent who are provided with a 12-month intensive training program that builds their capability, confidence and a career pathway prior to moving into a permanent role.

By August 2017, the program will have provided 20 unique opportunities, bringing diverse talent from cultural backgrounds and disciplines as broad as dentistry, finance, law and data science. Diversity is now a top three driver of employee engagement and the program is acknowledged as a source of organisational pride.

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