2015 Winners


Wayne Cascio Award for Organisational Change and Development

Dental Health Services Victoria

Dental Health Services Victoria recognised that remuneration for their dental assistants was below market rates, resulting in talent attraction challenges. They found that limited career path with no opportunities for learning beyond a Certificate III resulted in low engagement levels.

Being a not-for-profit and relying on annual government funding made it impossible to address both issues through their existing funding arrangements. They proposed a classification and remuneration structure for dental assistants to the Victorian Hospitals Industrial Association (VHIA) which aimed to:

  • improve remuneration
  • provide further development opportunities by recognising the Certificate IV in Dental Assisting
  • propose a new career pathway, with the introduction of a new role of Dental Assistant Coach

Dental Health Services Victoria implemented a new classification structure that improved remuneration for their dental assistants after six years. They created new career pathways aligned to their strategy of new models of care for patients where their dental assistants developed further skills and enhanced their role in improving the oral health of Victorians.

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