2015 Winners


Sir Ken Robinson Award for Workforce Flexibility


Telstra connects people and organisations through mobility and flexibility. However, the organisation recognised that they weren’t adequately embracing these opportunities themselves or enabling employees to have flexibility in their diverse life stages and events. They knew that incremental approaches would not impact on attraction, retention and engagement as they needed to deliver their business strategy.

To address the challenge, Telstra implemented the “All Roles Flex” initiative. “All Roles Flex” means flexibility is the starting point for working at Telstra. Their leaders aim to model balance. The company focuses on outcomes, not face-time, and use technology, workplace design and new attitude to support how they work. The initiative starts at recruitment and goes across scheduled and non-scheduled roles.

"All Roles Flex" has impacted gender balance in attraction and retention, improved engagement scores and therefore productivity, and employees’ access to the balance they need. The company has also seen improved indicators around stress and pressure and thousands of employees have been able to embrace new ways of working for themselves and their teams.

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