2015 Winners


Rob Goffee Award for Leadership Development

Australian Security Intelligence Organisation

The Australian national security environment is complex and dynamic, with ASIO's managers and leaders responsible for exercising careful judgment and making significant decisions within decreasing timeframes. Therefore, developing their managers and leaders is critical to ensure ASIO meets current and future strategic challenges and retain a committed and resilient workforce.

ASIO has developed a comprehensive Management and Leadership in Security Intelligence Strategy (2013 – 2016) to strengthen their management and leadership at all levels. Focused on developing capabilities required to achieve their strategic objectives, ASIO employs innovative and integrated learning methods to effectively evolve their culture and sustain behavioural change.

Clear evidence across ASIO indicates the Strategy's management and leadership lessons have strongly resonated with participants and impacted the organisation at a range of levels. Robust evaluation activities (including follow-up pulse check surveys/focus groups; HR data; senior leader interviews; case study analysis) have showed a lasting positive impact on performance, processes and culture.

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