2015 Winners


Martin Seligman Award for Health and Wellbeing

Swisse Wellness Pty Ltd

Swisse have a very positive challenge to address -­ one of extraordinary growth! Swisse want their wonderful culture to continue to flourish, therefore truly uphold their Wellness philosophy. Swisse also wish to attract, develop and retain top talent to ultimately deliver on their business objectives.

Based around the Swisse Wellness '4Ps' values of People, Principles and Passion before Profit, and underpinned by exceptional leadership, their Culture Plan articulates the many initiatives in place to develop, support, engage and reward their most precious asset – their team.

Swisse measure their Culture and Effectiveness annually and the Climate monthly. These surveys allow the organisation to tangibly track and measure team engagement and productivity. What people say, how long they stay and how hard they strive are direct measures of the Culture Plan's effectiveness. These all sit above industry benchmark.

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