2015 Winners


Fons Trompenaars Award for Cross Cultural Management

National Australia Bank

To undertake its largest transformation project, and deliver a new core banking platform, NAB entered a co-development partnership with Oracle. Co-development required the co-location of 500 Indian staff into NAB and the creation of a 650-member offshore team. The key challenge was to create an inclusive project environment and have leaders drive cultural inclusion.

The strategy was jointly owned by NAB, Oracle and other key partners and was simple but powerful. Every staff member, no matter which company they worked for, or whether they were located on or offshore, was made to feel included in the NextGen team. Inclusion was the mantra for achieving success.

NAB's core banking platform and other transformation assets were delivered as a result of the co-development partnership and on-going five-year relationship. This was measured by incredibly high Oracle retention rates and inclusion survey results. Visible signs of collaboration and workplace flexibility to include a new culture, and NextGen were all sustainable examples of cultural inclusion.

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