2015 Winners


AHRI Inclusive Workplace Award


Telstra's purpose is "to create a brilliant, connected future for everyone". To support their business strategy to improve customer advocacy, drive value from core business and build growth businesses, Telstra needs strong customer and community connections, the world's best diverse talent and an inclusive and flexible employee experience.

Driven by business strategy, the company's diversity and inclusion work involves oversight by the CEO Leadership Team (Diversity Council) and Councils in all ten business units. It also involves partnerships across human resources, sustainability, retail, marketing and operations to deliver initiatives impacting gender equality, indigenous people, disability, cultural diversity, LGBTI inclusion, flexibility and inclusive leadership.

Telstra's diversity and inclusion work has, through many years of consolidation, begun to result in measurable outcomes of improved gender balance, a shift in flexible working, attraction and retention of diverse talent into Telstra. There has also been a measurable improvement in customer and community impact and appreciation, and improvements in employee engagement among diverse segments and overall.

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