2015 Winners


AHRI Award for Innovation and Creativity

Suncorp Group

Recent global, industry and customer changes have had an impact on Suncorp Group's business. This is despite their market strength. To address these challenges, Suncorp resolved to review their business model and transform it into a sustainable one centered on the customer. Their aim was to embed the customer into the business model's DNA.

As a result, Suncorp implemented the Customer at the Forefront strategy to transform the organisation from the inside out by: aligning the company culture and business around their customers developing and embedding their common service language (1%ers, The 6 levels of service and Lean) which would enable continuous improvement through accountability and empowerment.

The program was delivered in an innovative way, with a focus on 'living it not laminating it'. This resulted in an increase in customer advocacy, employee engagement and adviser satisfaction rates. Suncorp also saw teams drive improvements that focused on the customer, stakeholder and adviser, resulting in significant cost savings.

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