2015 Winners


AHRI Award for Corporate Social Responsibility

Tasty Fresh Food Co

Tasty Fresh Food Co runs 130 lunch vans across Melbourne, Newcastle, Sydney and Perth. Their commitment to offering customers the same variety of food from the first to the last van sto, resulted in the challenge of what to do with 16% food leftover daily from every van.

To address the issue of 16% surplus food daily, and the associated costs that Tasty Fresh Food Co faced in disposing this food, Colin Lear, CEO of Tasty Fresh Food Co, partnered with St Vincent De Paul (Vinnies) Soup Vans to donate all excess stock to the program on each working day.

Tasty Fresh Food Co's 16% food surplus represents over 250,000 meals each year for Vinnies Soup Vans. In the 20 years since the partnership was formed, Tasty Fresh Food Co has donated over $15 million worth of food, both hot and cold, to the homeless and marginalised.

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