2014 Winners


Peter Williams Award for HR Technology


"Really good initiative and results. Drove a heap of engagement and additional effort as well as helped in talent id and very innovative."  – Peter Williams

RSPCA Qld is the leading authority on animal welfare issues in Australia, employing nearly 300 paid staff, and engaging over 1,000 volunteers in pursuit of its mission: 'Helping Animals, Enlightening People, Changing Lives.' The RSPCA Qld Human Resources team recognises that, like any organisation, RSPCA Qld cannot be any better than the people who comprise it, and lead it. To this end, the team is dedicated to helping RSPCA Qld drive a high performance culture, while ensuring they continue to keep animal welfare at the centre of everything they do.

'Make your Mark' is a key component of our talent management system, designed to optimise the value of our workforce by connecting our people to our mission and strategic plan via a web-based 'commitments catalogue.' The program seeks to maximise performance by clearly defining the 'little bit extra' the organisation is seeking from its people, and encouraging those very people to connect, from wherever they are around the State, and contribute in a way that is meaningful to them. By helping their organisation achieve animal outcomes, our people gain access to a wide range of reward and recognition opportunities.

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