2014 Winners


Martin Seligman Award for Health & Wellbeing

Healthwise Global

With over 17,000 staff operating across 11 countries, Flight Centre Travel Group is one of the world's largest travel agency groups. Paramount to Flight Centre's success is it's ten company philosophies, the first and foremost of which is "Our People".

In an increasingly competitive market where the customer is well informed and spoilt for choice, an exceptional, unparalleled customer experience forms the basis of the business strategy and the number one business driver - consistent, profitable growth. At the forefront of delivering such a superior customer service experience is a network of happy, healthy and engaged consultants.

Healthwise Global (Healthwise) is a health and wellness initiative of Flight Centre Travel Group servicing more than 17,000 employee's worldwide. Since its inception in 2000, Healthwise has played a significant role in increasing Flight Centre's employee engagement and productivity.

Healthwise is a key element in Flight Centre's people management strategy and it is the initiative's success that has seen it grow from a single operation in Brisbane to a global business with operations in ten locations across seven countries. CEO Graham "Skroo" Turner firmly believes in the positive correlation between healthy, engaged staff members and the company's financial results.

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