2014 Winners


Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender And Intersex Inclusion (LGBTI)


Every day, people around the world live, work or shop in a place created by Lend Lease. They're shaping city skylines, creating iconic structures and breathing life into forgotten precincts. They're delivering infrastructure that gets people where they want to go and improves their quality of life. They're building communities where families turn houses into homes. People are at the heart of everything they do. Every worker on every site, in every office, in every country – on the tools, on the road, on the deck, on the scaffolding contributes to the same goal – to create the best places.

Lend Lease believes diversity of experience, diversity of thought and a collaborative environment leads to innovation; to achieve their vision, they need a culture and environment that embraces and respects difference. Since 2009 Lend Lease have focused on initiatives to support LGBTI inclusion, involving external commitments, community partnerships and internal networks and awareness. The featured initiative, the LGBTI Ally Program is a sustainable program aimed at building a diverse and inclusive workplace; to provide more opportunities for employees to engage in LGBTI inclusion activities and to increase awareness and support of LGBTI issues in the workplace more broadly.

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