2014 Winners


Cross Cultural Management

University of Western Australia

UWA is a comprehensive research intensive University. The University's values driven leadership, quality staff and beautiful surroundings combine to offer a vibrant campus experience. Currently ranking 96th in the world in the Academic Ranking of World Universities, the University community includes approximately 20% of staff and 27% of students hailing from diverse cultural backgrounds, with over 80 languages represented on campus. UWA has a strong track record in demonstrating social responsibility and a commitment to diversity, placing equity, fairness, merit, trust, openness and cultural competence at the centre of all facets of University life.

In 2008, UWA supplemented its existing suite of cultural competence initiatives with the innovative culture change strategy Courageous Conversations about Race (CCAR). The core element of this strategy is a highly interactive 'conversation' that has constructively engaged the campus community in a dialogue around race and community harmony, encouraging staff and students to become intellectually and emotionally comfortable with difference. The insights gained through a guided journey of self-reflection around how race impacts everyone's life have proved to be transformative at both a personal and professional level. This 'transformation' acts as an impetus to organisational change for greater racial equity.

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