Workplace Diversity Awards

Dame Quentin Bryce Gender Equity Award

Sponsored by  LODE

Qantas Airways

During 2014, the Qantas Group was under enormous financial pressure and challenging operating circumstances. While they had held ground on gender diversity, a renewed focus was required to deliver on targets.

A comprehensive plan addressing organisational and personal barriers that women in leadership positions face elevated the importance of I&D across the organisation, demonstrating that when equity is lifted for women, everyone benefits. The plan has already achieved the target of 35% women in senior leadership roles.

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Fons Trompenaars Cross Cultural Management Award

Sponsored by  LODE

Parks Victoria & AMES Australia

Parks Victoria and partners identified the need to increase their cultural competence and inclusion and build workforce foundations to better reflect the Victorian community they serve and ensure CALD communities were included.

They developed the Working Beyond the Boundaries program, fostering workplace inclusion and diversity (including work placement of people with disabilities and CALD backgrounds), provided extra resources with additional park works completed, and was recommended by the United Nations to be included in settlement programs in other countries.

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Graeme Innes Disability Employment Award

Sponsored by  DSS

Uniting Local Area Coordination Program

The Uniting Local Area Coordination (LAC) program sought to establish a fully supported flexible employment program where people with disability could successfully apply, maintain employment and grow in their roles.

The LAC program has successfully onboarded, supported, maintained and developed 77 staff with disability in their roles. Staff with disability have been promoted into senior roles and further to this, staff have subsequently disclosed disabilities due to the observation of the workplace culture and feeling safe to do so.

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Michael Kirby LGBTIQ Inclusion Award

Sponsored by  LODE

Brown-Forman Australia

Brown-Forman has long been committed to LGBTIQ inclusion, yet saw an opportunity to broaden the reach of its efforts and be recognised as one of the best places to work for LGBTIQ inclusion.

The Brown-Forman Employee Resource Group Pride has been re-strategised in the past 18 months to more effectively promote LGBTIQ awareness, provide education and foster an inclusive workplace culture, but also engage its external stakeholders and the wider community.

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QBE Insurance ANZO

QBE aspires to a workplace culture where all employees can bring their whole selves to work.

The Pride Committee launched with key aims including visible role models, storytelling and supporting all employees. For some, it meant being out for the first time in the workplace which strongly highlighted the importance of visible role models.

The faces of the QBE LGBTI community were the strongest driver of success, demonstrated by a 250% increase in the Pride Network over a year.

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Stan Grant Indigenous Employment Award

Sponsored by  LODE

Danila Dilba Health Service

Expanding services in the Darwin region, Danila Dilba Health Service (DDHS) was challenged by the unavailability of experienced Aboriginal Health Practitioners and qualified Indigenous candidates to fill nursing, support and managerial positions.

To address this, DDHS formulated an Indigenous Employment and Career Pathways strategy in 2017 to attract and retain Indigenous staff. DDHS now employs 175 people with 50% Indigenous employment and 60% of the executive leadership team being Indigenous, including all clinic managers and general managers.

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Department of Human Services (Federal Government)

In 2014, the Department of Human Services established an Indigenous Apprenticeships Programme (IAP) recruitment initiative to employ Indigenous Australians so the workforce reflects the community and provides opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in regional and remote locations.

The IAP has been hugely successful with over 750 Indigenous Australians commencing employment over the past three years. The Department also increased its workforce representation from 4.0% in 2014 to 5.3% in 2017 employing just over 500 Indigenous Australians.

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Susan Ryan Age Diversity Award

Sponsored by  LODE

Department of Finance (Federal Government)

The Department of Finance identified a workforce gap at the entry-level classifications and traditional approaches to recruitment were not serving the business needs. They recognised an opportunity to address this and establish a pipeline for future talent.

Finance established the Career Starter Program to address the entry-level workforce gap and to attract, develop and retain future talent.

Since 2006, Finance has employed 187 high-school graduates through the Career Starter Program, providing entry-level capability and improved age diversity.

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