Organisational Talent Awards

Talent Management Award

Sponsored by  kineo

PHD Australia

In recent years, media agencies have suffered a growing exodus of talent putting the sustainability of the industry at risk. PHD Australia uncovered a critical challenge in their millennial workforce’s uncertainty pursuing media as a long-term career.

Their program ‘Unlocking Smarts through Self-Leadership’ demonstrated a positive shift in retention, engagement and satisfaction of staff which were measured both internally and at industry level. The learnings provide a starting point for the rest of the industry to re-think millennial engagement.

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Marshall Goldsmith Talent Development Award

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International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney)

ICC Sydney’s challenge was to provide clear career development pathways, focussing on long term progression within the business in an industry with skills shortages across multiple sectors.

The My Extraordinary Journey initiative aimed to enhance the developmental journey of the team at all levels within the business, from casual team members to senior leaders. It provided strong career progression pathways, attracted and retained talent for growth and stability, with opportunities for all staff to truly progress within ICC Sydney.

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Rob Goffee Leadership Development Award

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Zendesk Australia

As Zendesk grows its revenue and customer base more than 35% year on year, the organisation is also expanding its complex global ecosystem of more than 2,200 employees.

To continue to foster the Zendesk business vision and nurture its unique culture, Illuminate was created to reflect the values and behaviours articulated by the workforce, defining high-performing, inspirational leadership.

Markers of success include engagement, advancement, 360 feedback and local leadership satisfaction. Since inception, 54% of participants have received advancement offers.

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