Award Categories


The AHRI Inclusive Workplace Award recognises organisations that prioritise diversity and recognise the value of an inclusive workplace for individuals and the organisation.

Award Criteria

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Employee Consultation

The organisation involves its employees at all levels in seeking advice and opportunities to create and maintain and inclusive workplace.

Demonstration of communication of the initiative/ program and engagement of staff in the program.

Wellbeing The organisation ensures that personal and professional wellbeing initiatives are a key component of the organisations people management strategy.

Evidence of initiative embedded in current/ future people management strategy.

Inclusion The organisation demonstrates a proactive approach in the fair and equitable treatment of all employees

Evidence of how the organisation is taking action to eliminate discriminatory attitudes and behaviours i.e. training, education, policies/ procedures for recruitment etc.


Innovation The program or initiative represents a new and creative approach to the challenge faced by the organisation. Evidence of how initiative was developed and what resources were drawn on, i.e. brainstorming sessions, proposals from employees etc.
Culture The program or initiative incorporates a cultural change approach to diversity where principles are embedded in the DNA of the organisation.

Examples of cultural change programs, relating to the initiative i.e. how the organisation has introduced the initiative so that they are embraced by staff and become a way of life.

Impact, Metrics and Outcomes The program or initiative has addressed the challenge, achieved the desired outcomes and/or positively impacted on the business.

Evidence of improvements and outcomes identifiable as resulting from the program or initiative including metrics on engagement, retention, climate surveys etc.

Sustainability The program or initiative and its impacts or outcomes are sustainable and replicable for the organisation.

Evidence of how the program or initiative will be repeated within the organisation i.e. planned roll out to other divisions, sites, ongoing scheduled activity, commitment within organisational strategy/ budgets etc.

Leadership The program or initiative is supported or led by the CEO and/or senior leadership team within the organisation. Statement of support from senior leadership team, evidence of their participation in driving and implementing diversity policies etc.