Award Categories


The Corporate Social Responsibility Award recognises the unique and outside-the-box initiatives and strategies, that demonstrate a commitment to corporate socially responsible principles.

Award Criteria

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The initiative and the team responsible for developing/ driving the initiative have the encouragement and support of the CEO/Senior Management.

Evidence of CEO/Senior Management buy-in, presentations to highest level of the organisation, statements endorsing the proposed initiative.

Inspiration/ Aspiration The initiative provides inspiration for the current workforce and aspiration for the potential future workforce.

Organisation vision statement – current version, evolutions from previous versions, extrapolation and embedding of vision into the organisations activities.

Feedback/ evidence of employee motivation attached to CSR/ ethics initiative.

Business Focussed The initiative contributes to improved commercial outcomes, in addition to benefiting the environment/ community. Details of increased revenue, reduced costs, increased sales etc, directly linked to the initiative.
Community The outcomes of the initiative includes benefits extending beyond the organisation, and can be used to educate others. Evidence that the initiative or outcomes of the initiative are being shared/ used outside of the organisation/ across industry, i.e. newsletters, training, representation


Innovation The initiative is based on/ incorporates a new approach to addressing the specific challenge the organisation is facing. Details of how initiative came about – strategy sessions minutes/ surveys/ research etc, i.e. planning minutes, analysis conducted, research carried out, early versions of initiative tabled.
Measurement, Impact and Outcomes The program or initiative has addressed the challenge, achieved the desired outcomes and/or positively impacted on the business.

Evidence of improvements and outcomes identifiable as resulting from the program/ initiative.

Stakeholder surveys conducted pre/post initiative being introduced i.e. climate survey results, engagement survey results, survey specifically relating to initiative.

Budget implications of initiative i.e. cost savings/ increased revenue as a result of initiative.

Reporting on initiative results to employees/ board etc. i.e. board paper, newsletter.

Strategic Business Alignment The program or initiative is aligned with organisational purpose and addresses strategic or business goals of the organisation.

Evidence of how program is aligned to strategic/ business goals/ organisational purpose i.e. organisational strategy, specific business goals, meeting minutes.

Sustainable The outcomes achieved are sustainable and/or replicable.

Evidence that initiative is being rolled out in other areas of the organisation i.e. implementation plan/ scheduling.

Plans for ongoing use of the initiative i.e. implementation plan/ schedule, training, expansion plans.

Results of repeated implementation of initiative i.e. incorporation into policy/ procedure/ business.