Award Categories


The Marshall Goldsmith Talent Development Award recognises outstanding initiatives and strategies in the developing talent within an organisation. This award is recommended for organisations who demonstrated excellence supporting the development of talent and capability for specific cohorts of the workforce such as graduates, leadership teams, specialist groups or undertake successful organisation wide cultural change activities.

Award Criteria

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Engagement and Productivity

The initiative has led to increased engagement and productivity at work.

Demonstrated increase in productivity/ engagement that can be linked to the initiative.

Integration The initiative or strategy forms part of a focussed, branded and organised framework of development opportunities which aligns with other talent management activities, such as succession planning, performance appraisal and promotion.

Evidence might include an overall talent strategy, succession plans incorporating reference to the various talent development initiatives, internal capability frameworks along with development plans etc.

Senior Leadership Support The initiative or strategy is driven and/or supported from the top, and senior management is involved in the setting of priorities for development initiatives and activities. Evidence includes statements from the CEO, Board or senior management supporting the initiative, evidence of their involvement as sponsors, teachers, mentors, participants etc.
Sustained Return on Investment The initiative is medium to long term in focus and a variety of metrics are used ongoing to demonstrate long term return on investment and impact of initiatives or strategy for participants and the business.

Evidence might include metrics/ reporting specific to the initiative along with individual assessments and business reporting for corresponding periods to provide linkages.

Qualitative statements from participants, peers and the other key stakeholders might also be provided.


Innovation The initiative is based on/incorporates a new approach to addressing the specific challenge the organisation is facing. Details of how initiative came about – strategy sessions minutes/ surveys/ research etc, i.e. planning minutes, analysis conducted, research carried out, early versions of initiative tabled.
Strategic Business Alignment The program or initiative is aligned with organisational purpose and addresses strategic or business goals of the organisation. Evidence of how program is aligned to strategic/ business goals/ organisational purpose i.e. organisational strategy, specific business goals, meeting minutes.
Sustainable The outcomes achieved are sustainable and/or replicable.

Evidence that initiative is being rolled out in other areas of the organisation. 

Plans for ongoing use of the initiative i.e. implementation plan/schedule, training, expansion plans.

Results of repeated implementation of initiative i.e. incorporation into policy/ procedure/ business.

Measurement, Impact and Outcomes The program or initiative has addressed the challenge, achieved the desired outcomes and/or positively impacted on the business.

Evidence of improvements and outcomes identifiable as resulting from the program/ initiative.

Reporting on initiative results to employees/ board etc. i.e. board paper, newsletter.