Award Categories


The Talent Management Award recognises outstanding initiatives and strategies in the identification, acquisition and retention of talent within an organisation.

Award Criteria

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Organisation Specific

The initiative or strategy demonstrates best practice talent identification and retention methods which specifically address the talent requirements of the organisation.

Detail of customised or tailored methods.

Evidence of partnership with third party providers supporting talent identification and retention requirements.

Evidence of improved talent identification  and retention outcomes based on the strategy or initiative.

Integration The initiative is integrated with organisational strategy.

Evidence of the initiative and its outcomes being embedded in strategy documents, processes, policies, vision statements etc.

Evidence of the initiative and its outcomes being implemented in the organisation – activities conducted and/or application of policies or procedures introduced.

Engagement and Productivity The initiative has led to increased engagement and productivity at work. Engagement survey results prior to and as a result of the initiative.
Demonstrated increase in productivity that can be linked to the initiative.
Culture The applicant has made a measurable impact of good and bad diversity practices, and communicates and acts on outcomes. Participation on project teams/ working parties/ steering groups/ focus groups/ committees/ boards, presentations at conferences/ events/ education.
Culture The organisation is committed to the creation and maintenance of a positive workforce culture in order to retain and attract employees. Examples of the methods used to engage with employees to gather this data, and how it has then been incorporated into the policies and practices of the organisation.


Innovation The initiative is based on/incorporates a new approach to addressing the specific challenge the organisation is facing. Details of how initiative came about – strategy sessions minutes/ surveys/ research etc, i.e. planning minutes, analysis conducted, research carried out, early versions of initiative tabled.
Strategic Business Alignment The program or initiative is aligned with organisational purpose and addresses strategic or business goals of the organisation. Evidence of how program is aligned to strategic/ business goals/ organisational purpose i.e. organisational strategy, specific business goals, meeting minutes.
Measurement, Impact and Outcomes The program or initiative has addressed the challenge, achieved the desired outcomes and/or positively impacted on the business.

Evidence of improvements and outcomes identifiable as resulting from the program/initiative.

Stakeholder surveys conducted pre/post initiative being introduced i.e. climate survey results, engagement survey results, survey specifically relating to initiative.

Budget implications of initiative i.e. cost savings/ increased revenue as a result of initiative.

Reporting on initiative results to employees/ board etc. i.e. board paper, newsletter.