Award Categories


The  CEO Diversity Champion Award recognises CEOs who empower employees and role model excellence in workforce diversity.

Eligibility: CEO, Managing Director, Executive Director or equivalent who hold the most senior role in their organisation.

Award Criteria

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Achievement The applicant has been recognised for championing the cause and drives diversity policies, programs and initiatives within the organisation. Tertiary awards, reward and recognition programs, academic transcripts, emails of acknowledgement
Leadership The applicant empowers all employees and role models excellence in personal and organisational leadership of diversity best practice. Management/supervision roles, community roles, committee chair etc.
Networks The applicant demonstrates their ability to build valuable networks both within their organisation and outside to other communities and people. Membership/contribution to business/community groups, voluntary roles undertaken, evidence of informal/formal networks/groups formed/attended in or outside of the organisation.

The applicant has made a measurable impact on maximising good diversity practices and minimising poor diversity practices and communicates and acts on outcomes.

Participation on project teams/ working parties/ steering groups/ focus groups/ committees/ boards, presentations at conferences/ events/ education
Culture The applicant is committed to a cultural change approach to diversity where principles are embedded in the DNA of the organisation. Examples of how the applicant can embrace and drive change
Credible Activism The applicant demonstrates personal credibility but also a point of view about the business. References from colleagues, participation on taskforce, contribution to business-wide/ cross-functional teams, demonstration of ethical behaviour, recognition as role model in the organisation.
Relationships The applicant demonstrates they have built deeply trusting and cooperative relationships with others. Reference statements, 360 survey responses etc.
Employee Consultation The applicant involves employees at all levels in seeking solutions in response to the need for change.

Evidence of employees engaged in discussion of issue/solutions i.e. minutes of restructuring committee, invitation to contribute.

Details of consultation process including who across the organisation has been involved i.e. representation on organisation chart, committee structures.