Award Categories


The Dave Ulrich HR Practitioner Award is designed to recognise HR practitioners who demonstrate excellence through their achievement of business outcomes.

Eligibility: HR practitioners who are currently working as an HR generalist, and have a minimum of 3 years’ experience in this position at the time of application.

Award Criteria

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Achievement The applicant has been recognised for excellence in an academic or career capacity.         Tertiary awards, reward and recognition programs, academic transcripts.
Impact The applicant has made a tangible contribution to the organisation or the wider business community. Participation on project teams/ working parties/ steering groups/ focus groups/ committees/ boards, presentations at conferences/ events/ education.
Progression The applicant's career demonstrates an upwards trajectory beyond the expected. Resumé, references, letters of commendation.
Leadership The applicant has demonstrated a capacity for leadership. Management/supervision roles, community roles, committee chair.
Commitment The applicant has demonstrated a passion for HR through service to the profession. Membership/ contribution/ representation of professional/ industry association, education of students, presentations at industry events.
Innovation The applicant is ahead of the field in ideas and practices. Leadership of project/ initiative teams, research undertaken into new practices/theories, training undertaken in new areas of the profession.
Credible Activism The applicant demonstrates personal credibility but also a point of view about the business. References from colleagues, participation on taskforce, contribution to business-wide/ cross-functional teams, demonstration of ethical behaviour, recognition as role model in the organisation.
Strategic Architect The applicant demonstrates an understanding of strategy and how HR will deliver strategy. HR strategy documents demonstrating alignment/ contribution to organisation strategy, evidence of participation/ role in strategy setting.