Award Categories


The Wayne Cascio Organisational Development Award recognises excellence in initiatives which demonstrate innovation and a responsible approach to organisational change and development.

This category is recommended for those organisations who demonstrated excellence in initiatives and strategies facilitating organisational change including but not limited to restructuring, or mergers and acquisitions.

Award Criteria

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Employee Consultation

The organisation involves its employees at all levels in seeking solutions in response to the need for change.

Evidence of employees engaged in discussion of issue/solutions i.e. minutes of restructuring committee, invitation to contribute.

Details of consultation process including who across the organisation has been involved i.e. representation on organisation chart, committee structures.

Employee Value Evidence that the organisation sees its employees as assets to be developed rather than as costs to be cut. Details of investment in development of employees i.e. learning and development programs, career planning, succession planning etc.
Communication The organisation's change strategy and practices are widely communicated to internal and external stakeholders. Evidence of the different forms and methods of communication used. E.g. intranet, email, newsletter.


Innovation The initiative is based on/incorporates a new approach to addressing the specific challenge the organisation is facing. Details of how initiative came about – strategy sessions minutes/ surveys/ research etc. i.e. planning minutes, analysis conducted, research carried out, early versions of initiative tabled.
Strategic Business Alignment The program or initiative is aligned with organisational purpose and addresses strategic or business goals of the organisation. Evidence of how program is aligned to strategic/ business goals/ organisational purpose i.e. organisational strategy, specific business goals, meeting minutes.
Sustainable The outcomes achieved are sustainable and/or replicable.

Evidence that initiative is being rolled out in other areas of the organisation i.e. implementation plan/scheduling.

Plans for ongoing use of the initiative i.e. implementation plan/schedule, training, expansion plans.

Results of repeated implementation of initiative i.e. incorporation into policy/ procedure/ business.

Measurement, Impact and Outcomes The program or initiative has addressed the challenge, achieved the desired outcomes and/or positively impacted on the business.

Evidence of improvements and outcomes identifiable as resulting from the program/initiative.

Stakeholder surveys conducted pre-/post-initiative being introduced i.e. climate survey results, engagement survey results, survey specifically relating to initiative.

Budget implications of initiative i.e. cost savings/ increased revenue as a result of initiative.

Reporting on initiative results to employees/ board etc. i.e. board paper, newsletter.