Award Categories


The Workplace Relations Award recognises outstanding workplace practices to promote a harmonious and productive workplace.

Award Criteria

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Strategy The organisation's approach to workplace relations strategy is articulated in a well-integrated strategy aligned to the improvement of performance and productivity. Workplace relations strategy, HR strategy incorporating approach to workplace relations and/or organisation strategy incorporating approach to workplace relations.
Consultation The organisation's workplace relations strategy and practices is based on extensive consultation and collaboration with key internal and external stakeholders. Written communication to key stakeholders, minutes from stakeholder consultation meetings, communication plan for consultation processes due to key workplace relations activities
i.e. bargaining.
Communication The organisation's workplace relations strategy and practices are widely communicated to internal and external stakeholders. Policy documents and evidence of how/where communicated. Examples of information disseminated to employees and other stakeholders. Links to intranet and other information portals with workplace relations policies, processes etc.
Relationships The organisation forges and maintains strong working relationships with relevant internal and external stakeholders. Details of involvement with networks, employer groups etc. Supporting statements from key stakeholder groups including unions, legal advisors, employee groups etc.
Environment The organisation's workplace relations strategy and practices are robust and adaptable to the political, legislative and regulatory environment within which the organisation operates. Evidence of reviews/changes to strategy, procedures and processes following legislative changes. Evidence of steps taken and activities engaged in maintain currency of policies etc. and change management processes used when changes occur.
Employee Engagement The organisation has an engaged workforce who respond well to the workplace relations strategy and practices in place. Engagement/climate survey results. Metrics relating to key engagement indicators such as turnover, absenteeism etc.

Line managers are provided with appropriate education and training in line with the workplace relations strategies and practices including performance management, conflict management and communication techniques.

Evidence of education, training, information sessions and other communication relating to workplace relations strategies, policies and procedures.
Conflict Workplace relations conflict is minimised in the organisation and managed effectively when it does arise. Details of conflict situations and processes engaged during these situations i.e. communication, information sessions.
Outcomes of conflict situations including impacts on turnover, engagement etc.