Below are common questions about the AHRI Awards. If you have a question and can't find the answer please email the AHRI Awards team.  Applications close 18 May 2018.

Are you interested in applying for the AHRI Awards but want to find out more?  Watch the 2018 AHRI Awards Tips and Information webinar to hear from the judges on tips and suggestions, find out what's the difference is between 'applying' and 'submitting' for an award, and more.

What is the difference between the 'application' and the 'submission'?

Think of the application like a registration, where you select the award/s that you wish to apply for and make payment. Once payment is received you will receive the submission pack/s which will have further information on the submission process. The submission is the 'work part' where you will be asked to address the criteria and provide supporting evidence.

When do the applications close?

Applications close 18 May 2018. 

Do you accept late applications?

Unfortunately we cannot accept late applications. Applications close for the 2018 AHRI Awards on 18 May 2018.

Submissions are due 22 June 2018. See the timeline for more information.

When do award submissions close?

Award submissions close 22 June 2018.

Who will judge the awards?

Shortlisting panels comprise of representatives from AHRI member committees, leading industry practitioners, academics, award partners and patrons.

Is the word count and supporting evidence word/page limit strict?

Yes. Any text exceeding the word count may not be viewed by the judging panels. The supporting evidence is strictly five (5) A4 single sided pages with an option to include an additional video link. Anything over this will not be viewed by the judging panels.

When will I find out the outcome of my application?

The contact person for the application will be notified of the outcome of their submission, on (or before) the day of finalists being announced on the AHRI website and through the ‘What’s on at AHRI' enewsletter.

I am a product and/or service provider and would like for the product and/or services which I provide to external organisations to be recognised. Can I apply for an award?

The AHRI Awards are primarily focused on HR-related activities and initiatives conducted within an organisation. In this instance service providers can recommend to any client organisations that they apply for appropriate awards with the support of the service providers and focus on how this has impacted their business.

We have entered the AHRI Awards previously. Are we eligible this year?

Yes, however we do suggest that you take on board the feedback provided from previously applications and provide any changes/ developments that have occurred within this time.

Do you have to be an AHRI member to apply?

No. Both AHRI members and non-members are welcome to apply for the AHRI Awards.  AHRI members do receive a discount for each award applied for. The application feed for 2018 is $440 for AHRI members and $660 for non-members.

Can you apply for more than one award?

Yes. You can apply for as many awards as you choose.

Where will finalists be announced?

Finalists will be announced via the AHRI website, AHRI's eNewsletter ‘What’s on at AHRI’ and HRM magazine.

Are our submissions confidential?

All submissions are strictly confidential.  All judges sign a confidentiality agreement prior to receiving any judging materials.

Our organisation is based overseas – are we eligible to apply for an AHRI Award?

The judging process for the AHRI Awards is based on the Australian business climate, therefore our judging panel would be unable to properly assess the application. Eligible organisations must have an Australia-based operation to apply.

AHRI Awards terms and conditions